Company History

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Blinds Online offers Australian consumers the most comprehensive and accessible selection of blinds and window furnishings direct to their home in four easy steps: choose, measure, order and install.  Company directors, Gillian and Andrew Crosby, say the concept was born from a demand for easy and economical window furnishings.

Andrew Crosby has a long history of retailing window furnishings in what he describes as ‘the old fashioned way’. Since the 1960s, Andrew’s family name was associated with high profile brand Crosby Furnishings – a name synonymous with retailing quality window furnishings sold from showrooms in the Ringwood, Boronia & Bayswater areas of Melbourne.

Nine years ago, Andrew and his wife Gillian owned a successful offshoot of the family business, again retailing high quality window furnishings when Gillian was struck by an idea.  It was her enthusiastic eBay shopping habit that had sparked Andrew’s interest and during a conversation they agreed to a bet that would dramatically change their direction of their business. 

“Andrew kept seeing all these items arriving in the post and he used to roll his eyes at me, and that’s when I bet him that people would even buy blinds on eBay, he bet me they wouldn’t,” she laughs. So with a bet firmly in place, Gillian got to work quickly. The sales started to build over the next few months, and soon an official eBay store was required. It was so successful that eBay even assigned the duo a dedicated sales manager from head office in Canada. This consistent growth was enough to convince Andrew and Gillian to see the potential.

It was at this point that they decided to launch a standalone online store in addition to their existing business, and was born. Since then, the site boomed and the couple’s business has grown exponentially. 

One of the first companies to offer custom-made window furnishings online, has grown from a small idea into a flourishing successful business.  Following on from his Dad’s ethics of a small family business with traditional customer service values, has developed into a thriving e-tailer, providing product to consumers all around the nation. 

Thinking outside the square, being innovative and offering customers a new type of shopping experience and value for money are the benchmarks of the business. Having a large range of products with up to date colours and trends and the ability to offer ranges never seen before in Australia are crucial to their success.  

With 24-hour shopping, lower prices and a made to order service, Blinds Online offers the ultimate home decorating service.

 “Electronically-led retail has transformed our business. We’ve proven that you don’t need a Main Street location, a big warehouse and a fleet of cars to deliver top quality products and service,” 

Andrew Crosby says. 

“Customers aren’t dealing with a faceless website, we endeavour to answer all emails within a half an hour period of receiving them.”

By constantly striving to improve every aspect of the business, Andrew and Gillian are committed to offering the best service, the best range, quality and sampling.