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Whites, Silvers & Greys

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Our collection of white and grey curtains provide the perfect finishing touch to your home.... Creating tonal accents and highlights, our selection ranges from the brightest snow whites, through silver shades to the darkest charcoal tones. There are patterns, sheers, geometrics and textures for you to choose from to help bring your decor together.

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Neutrals & Naturals

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Talk about natural beauty! This collection of neutral and natural shades has everything from the... lightest champagne to rich hessians and creamy oatmeals. There are linens, rustic textures, sandy tones, and so much more waiting to be discovered…

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Blues & Greens

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The freshest of collections, our blue and green curtains begin at deepest, darkest navy and end at... the most vibrant spring green with a spectrum of teals, olives and duck eggs along they way. It also includes glorious textured fabrics, faux silks and velvets in both plain colours and a whole host of beautiful patterns and designs to brighten up your home.