PVC Centre Rail Division Points

A dividing rail is a horizontal bar that seperates the shutter into two or three independant sections.  This allows you to have a better choice of light and privacy control with your shutter.

The dividing rails are also an ideal way to cover up the horizontal window frame, to give a more streamlined look.

All PVC Shutters over 1500 must have one dividing rail.

All PVC Shutters over 2100, must have two dividing rails (this is due to the weight of the blind)

Central Divider Rail - the standard central position (which can vary slightly depending on how many slats are required for the drop and isn't necessarily dead centre of the panel)

Customise Divider Rail(s) - you can select the height at whcih the divider rails are locatedt. This measurement is taken from the bottom of the shutter to the central point of where you want the rail(s).

Measuring point for the divider rails is as follows;

Face Mount: from the bottom of the architrave to the central height of the mullion (for one center rail)

Recess Mount: from the bottom of the inside frame to the centrail height of the mullion (for one centre rail).

Recess Mount with Sill: from the top of the sill to the central height of the mullion


For the second rail, the measurement is still taken from the bottom point to the centre point of the centre rail.

 Plantation shutter dividing rail measuring point by blinds online