Installing Shutters

Before you start you will need:

Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY
  • Screws - see details below
  • Cordless Drill - Phillips Screwdriver star head
  • Small Hammer
  • Metal Tape Measure
  • Off cut of cardboard
Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY

What We have sent you:

  • Large Box/boxes containing shutter panels & component box.
  • Long box/boxes containing shutter frames.
  • Look for the sticker indicating which box to find the hardware inside.
  • If you have ordered a single panel, the frame is already attached to the shutter panel and will not be boxed separately.

What's inside the boxes:

  • Hinge Pins to insert into the hinges to connect the panel to the frame.
  • Hinge Packers
  • Long Screws to fix the shutter frame to the wall, window frame or architrave.
  • Spare hinge screws to lock & secure the hinges into position at the final stage of installation. Each of the hinges has 3 fixing holes and to lock & secure, you simply screw through the middle hole.
  • Touch up paint or stain to easily touch up any areas if required.

Look for these items with your delivery:

Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY

Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY
Panel Box
Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY
Frame Box with hardware Touch Up Paint Markings on frames Component Box

Make sure to read through the complete fitting instructions before commencing. If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away, and we're happy to step you through any enquiries.
Call 1300 761 179 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm or Saturday 9am to 3pm.

Step 1. Assembling your Shutter Frames

 Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY

Did you order a single panelled shutter?

If yes, then your frame and hinges are already attached and you can skip this step
Proceed to Step 2.

  1. Starting with the long frame box, remove all the items and place them near the window you are installing to.

  2. Position the frame pieces face down (on a soft clean surface) in order of the markings - Left, Right, Top & Bottom.

  3. Take a scrap piece of cardboard and place under each corner of the frame. The Hoffman Keys (bow ties) are already inserted into the frame. Simply fix the frame together as shown in the diagram and images below.

  4. Using a small hammer, gently tap the keys into position, until the face of the frame is even.

  5. The next step is to attach any T-Posts that may be included, through the pre-drilled holes in the frame.

Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY
Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY
Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY

Step 2. - Mounting your shutter into position

Your shutter frame will either be Face Mount, or Recess Mount:

Face Mount - This is for shutters ordered with an L Frame, to be mounted directly to the architrave or plaster wall. You will need to pre-drill holes through your frame at the relevant points for your windows, ensuring you avoid any obstacles. Your frame is supplied with capping that inserts into the front of the frame to cover the mounting holes and screws.

Recess Mount - This is for shutters ordered with a Z Frame, to be mounted at the very front of the inside of the window frame. The Z Frame has a bull nose lip that wraps around the architrave or plaster, to allow for easy installation and does not require any additional light stop.

Once you've decided which of the above mount types applies to you, follow these steps:

Important - We recommend that you have a helper while installing your shutters. This will allow you to have the opposite side you are working on, supported at all times. If a second person is not available, simply use something to help you support the shutter, whilst you install it.

1. Carefully lift the assembled frame to the window - ensure the frame stays square.

2. Face Mount - If mounting to the architrave, line up the frame with the outside edges of the architraves. With the frame in the correct position, secure the left side of the frame just above the top hinge using a screw. With a spirit level on the top of the frame, ensure that it's nice and even, and then secure the right side of the frame.

  • When satisfied with the position, insert a screwdriver through the frame holes to mark where you will need to drill.
  • If you are fixing into concrete or plaster, remove the frame, drill your holes and use the appropriate fixing for your installation (green spaghetti or hollow wall anchor).
  • If fixing directly into wood or uPVC, there is no need to pre-drill.
  • Screw the frame firmly into position. If mounting into PVC, stop drilling once you feel the screw start to bite.

or 2.  Recess Mount - If mounting inside the window frame, place the frame inside the opening with the bull nose lip flush on the wall or architrave.

  • With the frame in the correct position, secure the left side of the frame just above the top hinge using a screw.
  • Then secure the right side of the frame, being sure to centre the frame from side to side.
  • Tighten all screws. 
  • Your shutter has been been made with an 'allowance' for the frame to fit into your window recess.  To keep it square and true, you may need to use the Hinge Packers supplied.  Simply take a packer, hook it onto the screw between the shutter frame and window recess, and rotate it so it sits neatly behind the frame.
Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASYFace Mount L Frame Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASYRecess Mount Z Frame

Step 3 - Hanging your shutter panels

All the hinges have been attached to the panels and frame, so the only thing that will be necessary for you to do, is to gently tap in the hinge pins with a small hammer of rubber mallet.

Plantation Shutters DIY Instalation EASY

The hinge pins should drop in easily if the panels are in the correct positions.

If one pin seems to be tight, just loosen one part of the hinge with a small Phillips Head screwdriver, allowing the pin to slide into the other, and then re-tighten the hinge screws.

It is important that you identify the correct layout of your panels (as you ordered them) before hanging them. Look for the number at the top of each panel. Place number 1 to the left hand side, then in numerical order work across to the right hand side.

Attaching the panels to the shutter frame - Simply line up the hinge on the shutter frame with the hinge on the shutter panel and drop the pin into the hinge to secure.

Once the panels are inserted, gently close the panels and move the bottom of the frame left or right to align the panels. Once the panels are aligned, and all the margins are even, open one panel and secure the side of the frame just above the lowest hinge.

Continue attaching the frame with the screws just above every hinge. On wider shutters, it will be necessary to secure the top and bottom frames as well.


Step 4. - Finishing off

  • If at first the panels do not line up, unscrew part of the frame and play with its positioning. Often as little as 2mm movement can affect the hanging of your shutters.
  • If a panel is not closing easily, loosen the screws in the hinges and then close the panels in the frame and apply light pressure to the stiles (side vertical frames on the panel - NOT THE LOUVRES)

Congratulations! That's all there is to it. EASY!


Your shutters will now be a part of your decor to enjoy for many years to come.

If you do encounter any problems during installation, please call our team on 1300 761 179.