Operating your window furnishings just got easier, with our option of adding motorisation to your new blinds and curtains.

Now with just a touch of a button your can close one window or your entire house in unison.

It's easy to create the ambience you want in your home to match your settings. You can now choose to have full light, partial light or close your blinds and drapes completely for total privacy.

You can also add a timer control so your window furnishings are programmed to open and close at anytime that you require. Ideal for when you are away on vacation, no one ever needs to know you're not home.


  Motorisation radio controlled with 5 channel remote $495.00 -  (Multiple blinds can operate independently or in unison)
  Motorisation radio controlled with 16 channel remote $700.00 -  (Multiple blinds can operate independently or in unison)

To Order

Simply select which type of system you require in the Optional Extras of the Design & Order section.

Handy Hint

Motorised Radio Controlled with Single Control Remote - This option is popular for when you have one blind or drape only. You can also operate several motors from this one controller at the same time. If you wish to operate your blinds independently, you need to order with a multiple channel controller.

Customer Service

Our experienced staff are happy to answer any questions that you might have in regards to adding motorisation to your window furnishings and home, alternativley you can visit the Somfy website for full technical details

If you would like to add motors to your existing window furnishings, please contact our consultants for further details. Ph: 1300 761 179

Technical Data

What is the difference between a wired control system and a radio system?
In a wired system, the control is connected to the motor by electric wires which transmit your commands to the motor. This is the traditional home automation solution. In this case, the control unit is fixed near the motor (beside the window, for instance, for a motorized blind). In the radio system, the commands are transmitted by radio waves. There is no electric wiring between the motor and the control. The control is mobile, and you can control your roller blind within a radius of up to 20 metres, even through a wall. Installation is quicker too, as you only need to plug the motor straight into the power outlet and operate with the remote. This is the neat, simple home automation solution. Note: with Somfy, a wired system can always be upgraded to a radio installation.