Multi Link

Multilink Joiner

Now you can link the operation of 2 blinds from the one control chain by adding a linked joiner creating a Multi Linked blind.  This then allows the two blinds to operate in unison.

Easily both going up and down from the one chain controlled side. 

We do not recommend linking more than 2 blinds to the one link, with an overall maximum width of 4 metres.

Important Australian Child Safety Laws

All control chains must be secured with a cord tidy to ensure that the chain is not a danger to children and kept out of harms way when the chain is less than 1.6 metres off the floor.

When 3 blinds are butting on a sliding door, the central blind is not able to be secured and must be either Multi Linked to one of the outer blinds or the chain must be ordered shorter to comply by the Australian Child Safety Laws

How to Order Multi Link Blinds - To order simply select the multi link option in Step 4 at the Design & Order section. You will then be prompted to add the width of the second linked blind.   

If you have further questions contact our customer service team and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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