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  • Stylish Aluminium Headbox
  • Covered Base Rail
  • Easy Crank Handle Operation
  • Ready Made Outdoor Sunscreen Awnings by Blinds Online Sal
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An easy DIY system for exterior Sunscreen Roller Blinds.  


  • Keeps heat out in Summer
  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • Maintain views while reducing UV
  • Allows filtered natural light


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Technical Info

On the shelf ready to go Today!

Technical Details

  • Heavy duty Sunscreen Solar Mesh
  • 2x2 weave
  • 70% PVC 30% Polyester
  • Tube - Aluminium Roller
  • Supplied with Crank Handle
  • Fabric Covered Base Rail
  • Colour coordinated Head Box

Colours available - Charcoal & Beige




1500 width x 2400 drop

1800 width x 2400 drop

2100 width x 2400 drop

2400 width x 2400 drop



  • 800mm Silver Crank Handle, for easy operation (only available on left side)
  • Brackets
  • Screws are not supplied due to the variety of fix type e.g. Brick, Fibreboard etc. 
  • Installation Instructions



It's easy to measure for outdoor blinds.  Simply measure the opening of the window, and add a minimum of 50mm to each side for cloth coverage. 

eg: Window width measurement + 50mm (left side) +50mm (right side). 

Measure the drop from the top of the window opening to the bottom of the opening.  All blinds are supplied with a 2400mm maximum drop.  If your drop is smaller than the 2400mm, you simply do not need to pull the blind past the required drop.

NB.  The gap between the bracket and the fabric on the left (crank side) will be 40mm.  The gap between the bracket and the fabric on the right side (non-crank side) will be 10mm.




The awning will be able to be installed easily, in a short matter of time. 

You will need a drill appropriate for your type of fix e.g. Brick Fix will require a hammer drill and masonary plugs (spaghetti)

The Brackets get screwed into position, and the roller awning simply clicks into the brackets.  Hold down clips at the base of the blind are also screwed into place.  This allows the blind to be secure when in the down position.  That is all there is to it!

The use of the product; This blind is only recommend for domestic applications only and not for commercial use.

Freight & Delivery


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  • Flat delivery rate no matter how many blinds you order.  $25, $35 or $45 depending on your area View here by entering your postcode
  • If ordering other products from our custom made range, you will have a choice of split deliveries or you can select to hold the awnings for the one shipment.
  • Split deliveries will incur a extra freight charge due to having two deliveries allocations.
  • We give you the option of selecting to leave the delivery if you are not home. This saves you having to wait around all day, as we are unable to specify exact times from the freight company. Make sure that there is a safe and secure place to leave the items if you select this option.

*Applies to available stock items and not backorders. Orders placed on weekends or public holidays will be shipped the following business day.