How many panels?

Multiple Panels on Plantation shutters by blinds online

The amount of panels that make up your blind, will be determined by the width of your window and the combination that is available for that size.

We make it easy for you to select how many panels, without having to complicate it with technical details. Simply view the approximate panel size, next to the panel combination in the Design & Order section of our website. 

Note that we show approximate panel sizes, as we have not deducted the frame and T posts from the equation.  This is enough information for you to get a good understanding of how many panels would suit your requirements.

Simply decide on what look you want to achieve eg.

Clear Uncluttered Look - Choose the least amount of panels available. 

Traditional Feature Look - Choose the most amount of panels. Our Design & Order section of our website, will clearly show you the amount of panels that are available, for the measurements you have entered.

If you have a window that requires uneven panel sizes to suit your window frame, simply follow our How To Measure PDF for full details.  Then fill in your individual panel sizes in the comment field at the checkout.