Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Wouldn't it make it easier for you to shop online knowing that if your custom made window furnishings do not fit or work properly, you will not be stuck with them?

Blindsonline offer you the knowledge that your purchase is covered by a Satisfaction Guarantee, eliminating any doubts you might have had about ordering online.

Other companies who offer custom made products say “no returns” and “no exchange”. We think that is a poor way to do business and does not show that they have much confidence in the products that they sell.

So when you compare our promise with other companies, Blindsonline wins hands down in our commitment to your satisfaction. We manufacture every product to not only look impressive but to exceed quality and performance.

We are a company that has been around for many years, so we know what our customers want when it comes to fashion and functionality. We are constantly improving our products and styles.

How our Satisfaction Guarantee works is simple, if you see a problem within 14 days of receiving your order and have provided accurate measurements and followed our product recommendations and limitations, we will repair your product, or remake it completely. This guarantee is only offered for faults or manufacturing errors and not for personal change of mind on product or colour/fabric selection.

We then follow this up with a 5 Year Warranty on faulty parts or fabrics. Please view full warranty terms.