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Sunscreen Roller Blinds in Solarview Black
Sunscreen Roller Blinds in Vividshade Black

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Sunscreen Roller

When you want to maintain the view and filter the direct sunlight into your room. Sunscreen blinds add a no fuss look and are ideal for casual living areas where night time privacy isn't an issue.

Reduces the heat and cuts down on the UV rays, minimising your furnishings from fading. Great for cutting down the glare on television or computer screens.

Manufacturing Time:

We offer 3 Types of manufacturing times.  Please select from the fabric that suits your wait time.

3 Business Days, selected colours only. NB. Both of our ICM & ACM fabrics with the Express Stamp are manufacture in 3 working days, and shipped on the 4th.  Look for them below!

ACM Fabric 10-15 working days approx.*
Look for the ACM in the fabric name title

ICM Fabric 6-8 weeks approx.* 
Look for the ICM in the fabric name title

*Click on individual fabrics for specific manufacturing details.

Energy Efficiency 3 Star Rating
Daytime Privacy 5 Star Rating
Evening Privacy 2 Star Rating

Handy Hint - Darker colours will be more transparent but will absorb some of the heat. Lighter colours will be cooler as they reflect the light and do not absorb as much heat, however they will not be as transparent as the darker colours.

Price It

Price can vary depending on fabric selected and added options.
All prices shown are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST.
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*Limit of 10 Free Samples. $2.00 per sample each thereafter, with a maximum purchase allowed of $50.00. A gift voucher will be emailed to you for any purchases over the free sample threshold. (maximum $50.00)‚Äč You can then use the gift voucher towards your blind order.
*Note: Plantation Shutters, Bonded Roller, Soft Roman, Curtain and Pelmet Fabrics are not part of our free sample offer - see these product pages for full details

Priced from $112.00   Sale price from $78.00  Save at least $34.00

Priced from $112.00   Sale price from $78.00  Save at least $34.00

Priced from $112.00   Sale price from $78.00  Save at least $34.00

Priced from $100.00

Priced from $112.00   Sale price from $100.00  Save at least $12.00

Priced from $102.00

Priced from $109.00

Priced from $109.00

Priced from $112.00

Priced from $115.00

Priced from $115.00

Technical Info

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Product Features

Stylish Base Rails
Product Features Roller Chain Drive
Easy Lift Operation
Child Safe Chain Tidies
Acmeda Roller blind brackets_blinds online
Easy Fit Brackets
Description & Features 
  • Aluminium roller
  • Choice of Left or Right hand controls
  • Clutch Driven Chain Mechanism - allows you to stop blind at any position
  • Modern Oval Shaped Base Rail
  • No side Seams
  • Crush/Ultrasonic cutting to prevent fraying (not just cut by knife)
  • Chain tidy to keep chain out of harms way
  • Made to Australian Child Safety Regulations
  • Brackets & Screws provided with your order
  • 5 Year Warranty (For oversized blinds see note below)

Origin of Manufacuring -
ACM - Indicates that the blind is an Australian Custom Made product.
ICM  - Indicates that the blind is an Imported Custom Made product
3 Day Express - Indicates that the blind is an Australian Custom Made product.
Note that the above blinds are from different factories and will have slightly different components and should not be combined in the same room for aesthetic reasons.

Manufacturing & Delivery Time -
ACM - Manufacturing is approximately 10-15 working days. Plus delivery time 1-5 days depending on the area
ICM -  Manufacturing is approximately 6-8 weeks. Plus delivery time 1-5 days depending on the area
3 Day Express - Manufactured within 3 working days of placing the order*.  Plus delivery time 1-6 working days (approximately) depending on the area.
*If your order is placed Monday -Friday before 11am, the order day will be counted as the first of 3 working days.  If placed after 11am the following day will be the counted as the first day of the 3 working days.  eg.  Order Monday 3pm, the order can be completed Tuesday -Thursday.
Please click on the individual fabrics for specific manufacturing details.

Composition -
All fabrics shown under Sunscreen Roller Blinds are either a combination of PVC & Polyester, or PVC & Fibreglass.
They are perfect for blocking UV while maintaining your view and privacy during the day (you can see out, but others can't see in).

Width & Drop Dimensions -
If the fabric does not show in the range selection after you enter your measurements, this indicates that it is not available at the entered size.
Min width
Max width
2700 Blinds Express Fabrics
Min drop
Max drop
2400 Blinds Express Fabrics
No warranty can be offered on blinds over the measurements in the table above.
Some fabric restrictions may apply.  Widths over 2500 may not have a drop exceeding 2300, Click on individual fabrics for further details. 
All Blinds over 2700 width are considered oversized.  Due to the nature of roller blinds and not being able to have a central/support bracket, they run the risk of a slight ripple in the cloth.  We consider this to be standard for these sizes and it is not considered detrimental to the operation and effectiveness of this product.  Therefore we would not accept a warranty claim against this aspect of the blind.

Roll Direction -
Back Rolled – Cloth comes off the back of the roller, close to the glass, away from the room.  This is the preferred way to maximise insulation and better light control, also considered standard in the industry.  Not recommended for back coated fabrics, as the white will be showing on the top of the roll.
Front Rolled – Cloth comes forward off the roller, away from the glass, into the room.  This is ideal for when you have obstructions such as, window winders and door handles.  This method also hides the roller and creates a valance finish.   Not recommended for face fitted blinds,due to the increased gap down the side of the bind, with the exception of corner windows.  Highly recommended for white back coated fabrics.

Recessed Fit - 
You will require a depth of 60mm, for the blind to sit neatly inside the frame
Minimum depth 30mm -this will result in the blind slightly projecting out of the recess.
Make sure to select back rolled fabric when depth is limited.
Our factory deducts 5mm from the width for the blind to fit correctly.  Do not make this deduction yourself, provide window measurment only.
Recess blinds will have a small gap of cloth either side, due to the chain drive and pin end cap fittings. 
Brackets can be should be mounted into the roof of the recessed frame, or to the sides for tight fits only.
Do not provide cloth measure when ordering, provide window measurements only

Face Fit Projection-
80mm.  May vary slightly depending on thickness of fabric. 

Schematics of a roller blind by blinds online
Express blinds - please be sure to note that while all of our Express Rollers are made in Australia, we do have two types of componentry.  All of our fabrics have either an ICM or ACM in front of their names, this is to denote the type of componentry and schematics used (see above).  

We deduct 5mm from recess width to allow the blind to fit within the frame and to operate correctly.
If you require total glass coverage and want to reduce the visible side gaps, we recommend you order Face fitted and not Recessed blinds.
! Cloth Measurements
Important: Blinds Online will not be responsible for any customer ordering cloth measurement, as this will cause the blind not to fit the window.  We only work with the finished size, which includes the brackets (total width). 
We require total width measurement of your architrave or recess. 
Please also understand that under no circumstances will any of the Blinds Online staff accept your cloth measurements and make the additions for brackets for you.

Spring Assist - 
For ACM blinds, we include a spring assist into the price of all blinds over the width of 2410 when the drop exceeds 1500. 
A spring assist is a tensioning spring inside the roller, which helps wind the blind back up.  Allowing your blind to operate more easily, therefore extending the life of your blind. 

Aluminium roller tube sizes -
Due to roller blinds being supported by brackets at each end of the blind, we only use the best available tubing on the market.  All blinds over set sizes have the strengthened tube for added support to prevent sagging in the centre of the blind. 
ICM Roller Blinds & Express Roller Blinds
Upto 2100mm                    38mm standard tube
2100mm and over             45mm - Heavy Duty (includes spring assist on widths over 2400mm with drops exceeding 1500mm)
All widths have a 45mm tube – Super Heavy Duty (includes a spring assist on widths over 2400mm with drops exceeding 1500mm)

Base Rails - Our base rails are a oval tear drop shape (Eliptical).  We prefer these shapes to the older style Round Base Rails as they allow the blind to sit closer to the architrave, and help eliminate size restrictions on recess depths.
Oval Base Rail for Roller Blinds by Blinds Online
Note: ACM & ICM base rails differ slightly in size and colour.  We do not recommend having both styles in the same room due to the subtle differences.
Designer Base Rails - are available for our ACM blinds only.  The rail is has elegant bevelled edges, 40mm height and a heavier weight, which is ideal for keeping tension on light weight fabrics. 
The price can be seen in the Design & Order section of the Optional Extras after entering your measurements and selecting a ACM fabric.
 Designer Base rail for roller blind by Blinds Online

Chain Control Sides -
You have the ability to select the control side that best suits you.  This is easily worked out as the side that is best, whilst standing facing the window.

Chain Lengths -
ICM Blinds- All chains are 1 metre long.  If you would like longer, please let us know
ACM Blinds- Chain length varies depending on the drop of the blind.  See below
If you require a different length for either ACM or ICM, just let us know in the comments field when ordering. 
Blind Drop                     Chain Length
Up to 900 mm                   500 mm
901 – 1200 mm                750 mm
1201 – 1500 mm              1000 mm
1501 – 1800 mm              1250 mm
1801 – 2100 mm              1500 mm
2101 - 2400 mm               1750 mm
2401 – 2700 mm              2000 mm 
Upon Request                 2250mm, 2500mm 2750mm

3 Day Express - Blinds are custom made within 3 business days. They are available for selected fabrics only. This is a fully custom made product, made with your selection of blind width, base rail colours, chain colours, bracket colours.
The cloth is pre-cut in drops of 1500 & 2400, to enable the speed in production. You will be supplied either of the two drops listed above, relevant to your length. As the blind does not require you to roll it down past your window drop/length, the extra cloth on the roller will not be a hindrance.
Due to high volume of sales of this product, from time to time we can experience unexpected stock delays, which may increase the 3 day express manufacturing time. Orders will be contacted at the earliest possible convenience, to notify of any unexpected delays.

Multiple Blinds on the one window
When adding multiple blinds to a large window, we offer 3 options;
  1. Easy Link Multi - The blinds are connected with a easy join bracket, allowing the blinds to operate in unison from one chain controller. The cloth gap is reduced to approximately 20mm's.
  2. Easy Link Dual - The blinds are connected with a easy join bracket and operate independently with their own chain controller. The chains will be on the outer side of each blind. The cloth gap is reduced to approximately 20mm's.
  3. Butted Blinds - These blinds are ordered as individual blinds, and the brackets butt flush to each other. They operate independently with chains on the outer side. The cloth gap is approximately 30mm's.
Roller Blind Multi Link by Blinds online                 Roller Blinds with butting brackets by Blinds Online
                    Easy Join                                                    Butted Blinds
 Roller Blinds cloth gap for multi link brackets by Blinds Online               Roller Blinds cloth gap for butting brackets by blinds online
 Easy Join Cloth Gap - 20mm's approx.            Butted Blinds Cloth Gap - 30mm's approx
To order Easy Join, select multi link in the optional extras of the Design & Order. 

 Valances - Optional Extra

Adding a valance to face mounted roller blinds must be done at time of ordering and cannot be done at a later stage.  This is due to the blind width being slightly reduced by 8mm's to allow for the valance brackets to be mounted flush with the outside edge of the architraves.  Valances are only suitable for face mounted blinds and not available for recess mounts.  

NB. Frabric Wraped Valance is not available for Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Chain Tidy – Child Safety Regulation -
All roller blinds are supplied with a chain tidy.  This device is hooked through the loop of the chain and secured to the wall or window frame, reducing the opening for the loop and keeping it out of harms way.  It is Law in all states that our customers fix this device to their roller blind chains to prevent the risk of strangulation.
Important. When ordering multiple blinds to butt together on a single window or door, the central blind/blinds must have a point to secure the chain tidy.  If this is not possible, then we recommend that you order a multi link system (for ACM blinds only) to eliminate the central chains or order the central blind/blinds with shortened chain/chains that are a minimum of 1.6m off the floor. 
Failure to order a Multi Link or have chains <1.6m off the floor when ordering 3 or more butting blinds, will release from any liability. 
All Blinds come with a Child Safety warning label/sticker, please take your time to read through the details supplied to ensure correct application and compliance.  

Delivery Charges
A low flat rate of $25, $35 or $45 per order, depending on your postcode. 

Use of this product - This product is recommend for domestic purposes only and is not recommend for commercial applications.

Important - We try to maintain a high level of acuarracy of images and colouring shown on our website.   We have the right to improve and make changes to the product as required, to allow our blinds to have the best available parts and design on the market. With this in mind, there may be a lag time that the website images may not of been updated to show this change/improvement. 

ICM & ACM products are not compatible and they do not have the same parts and manufacturing techniques.  Images shown on our website may reflect either a ICM or ACM blind/hardware and although they are similar in design and use, they will not be identical and this needs to be taken into account.  If you have any concerns before placing your order, make sure to discuss these details with us.

Optional Extras - Available only with Australian Custom Made (ACM) fabrics/colours

Bracket Covers

Bracket Covers

Really make your Roller Blinds look great by adding our inexpensive end caps to cover the brackets. Suitable for Face fitted blinds only.

Metal or Fabric Wrapped Valance

Metal or Fabric Wrapped Valance

Dress up your blind by adding a Metal or Fabric wrapped valance. Hides the hardware and brackets and finishes off the look.

To order, simply select in the optional extra of the Design & Order section. Not suitable for recessed blinds.



Make life easy with this effortless operation of your blinds. Choose from Radio remote, 1 channel or have upto 4 channels to operate a room of blinds.

Read more about motorisation.

Multi Link

Multi Link

When you have a single window with 2, 3 or even 4 blinds, you can now link the blinds so that operate in unision and from one control chain.

Read more about multi link.