How to Measure for Your New Window Blinds

Measuring for your new blinds couldn't be simpler. It's an easy way to save lots of money and takes just minutes; you'll wish you'd done it sooner! All you have to do is follow our easy, step-by-step guides below.

Standard Windows

Face Fitting

Measuring for an Architrave

This is the measurement you'll need to take if you want to fit the blind to your window's architrave. In this case we will make the blind to your specified size with no deductions.


tick icon Measure the width from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite edge.

tick icon Measure the drop from the top of the architrave to where you want the blind to finish.

Measuring for an Architrave
A Note on Roller Blinds:

When measuring the width, remember that you are measuring for the placement of the brackets, not the fabric width. The fabric on a roller blind will be approximately 30mm smaller than the width you provide and you may get a light gap around the edges.

Measuring for Square Set

This is the measurement you need to take if you want your blind to fit outside the window recess, overlapping on all sides. Measure the size of the recess, then add a little extra on all sides to ensure adequate coverage.

tick icon Measure the exact size of the area you would like the blind to overlap. To minimize light leakage we recommend that the blind overlaps the window recess by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm each side.

tick icon The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but if you are measuring for a blind that will come down to the floor allow 10-20mm of clearance.

measuring for exact blinds
Top-Tip for All Blinds:

If you are replacing an existing blind with one of the same size, simply measure the blind (including its fittings) and specify face fitting, we will make you one the same size.

Top-Tip for Roller Blinds:

Take into account that you are measuring for the placement of the brackets, not the width of the fabric. On a roller blind, the fabric will be approximately 30mm narrower than the width you order, check that you have allowed enough overlap for the fabric to cover the area adequately.

Recess Fitting

This is the measurement you need to take if you want your blind to fit inside the window recess. Measure the full width and height of the recess [the size of the hole if you like and we will make the appropriate deductions to ensure a perfect fit.

tick icon Measure in 3 places for both the width and the drop, use the smallest measurements.

Top-Tip for Roller Blinds:

Remember that the brackets and operating mechanism are included in the width that you order (they all have to fit inside the recess). The result is that the fabric on a roller blind will be approximately 35mm narrower than the width measurement of the recess. This can result in a notable light gap around the edges of the blind in the recess and therefore if you are aiming for the best possible blockout, we recommend face-fitting rather than recess-fitting.

tick icon Don't make any deductions, we will do that for you to ensure your blind fits perfectly.

tick icon Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements.

measuring for recess blinds

Top-Tips for Recess Fitting

close up of roller recess

Check that your recess is deep enough to fit the blind into, also bearing in mind any obstructions such as handles. The table below gives the depth required for all of our blinds.

close up of roller recess between handle and window opening

Blind Type (Depth Required)

25mm Venetian Blind (35mm)

50mm Venetian Blind (70mm)

50mm Wood/Faux Wood (90mm)

63-65mm Wood/Faux Wood (100mm)

Single Roller Blind (60mm)

Double Roller Blind (100mm)

Zebra Roller Blind (90mm)

Panel Glide Blind (90mm)

Roman Blind | Deluxe Raise (50mm)

Roman Blind | Smart Raise (65mm)

Vertical Blind | 89mm Louvre (75mm)

Vertical Blind | 127mm Louvre (135mm)

Honeycomb | All Corded (45mm)

Honeycomb | Cordless & Max (55mm)

S-Fold Curtains (75mm)

how to measure for recess with tiles

If you have tiles part-way up your recess (often the case in kitchens and bathrooms) then the space between them is most likely to be the narrowest point in the recess.

Measure between the tilesto ensure your blind will fit. You will need to top-fix or face-fix your brackets in this case.

Top-Tip for Roller Blinds:

Again, for roller blinds, it's slightly different. Measure at the top of the recess and between the tiles, then compare those two measurements. If the difference between the two is less than 25mm, use the measurement at the top. If it's more, use the measurement between the tiles.

top of a window with arrow to dotted line midway through the depth of the recess bottom of a window with arrow to dotted line midway through the depth of the recess with tiles

Measuring for Shutters

We like to keep things simple here at Blinds Online and our shutter measuring guide is no exception. Just follow these easy steps to measure your windows and you can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on shutters making your home beautiful. Ready? Here we go...

Check for squareness

First, decide where your shutters are going to sit. This can be inside the recess, or on the walls outside the recess. Either way, measure at the place you plan to fit your shutters.

If you're planning on fitting your shutters inside your recess, you need to check that your recess is pretty much square. All you need to do is measure the recess diagonally from corner to corner on both sides. Then, compare the two measurements.

If the difference is 12mm or less, you're good to go. If they vary by any more than that, then don't worry, you can still face-fix your shutters outside the recess.

check for squareness for shutter blinds

Recess fitting

For a recess fitting you need to measure at the front of the recess. Measure the width at the top, middle and bottom.

Next measure the drop on the right, in the centre and on the left. Write down the smallest measurements, these are the sizes you will use to place an order.

Don't worry about making any deductions or allowances for recess fitting, we'll do all the maths for you.

measure for recess fitting - front

Face Fitting

(for windows with an architrave)

This one is simple, just measure up to the edge of the flat area of the architrave for both the width and the drop.

As always, measure in 3 places for both and use the smallest measurement. Do not add anything to your measurements.

measure for recess fitting - outside

Face fitting

(for square set windows)

For a face fitting you need to measure at the front of the recess as you would with a front of recess fitting. Measure the width at the top, middle and bottom.

Next measure the drop on the right, in the centre and on the left. Write down the smallest measurements.

Next, add 84mm to the width. This is the measurement you will enter.

Then, if you do not have a protruding windowsill, add 84mm to the drop. This will allow you to fit your frame evenly around all four sides of the recess.

If, however, your windowsill protrudes take the measurement for the drop and add only 42mm. This way the frame will run evenly around 3 sides of your recess and along the top of your windowsill.

measure for recess fitting - outside

Measuring for a mid rail

For taller shutters over 1400mm we put in a stylish midrail to give your shutters some support. The great thing about a midrail is you can customise its height so that it looks best. Usually, people tend to position their midrails at the same height as any transom bars on their window.

There are just a couple of small restrictions when customising your midrail. For structural reasons they must be a minimum of 380mm and a maximum of 1300mm from both the top and bottom of your shutter panel.

To position your midrail, simply measure from the bottom of your recess to the midpoint of where you want it to sit. If this is level with your transom bar, measure from the bottom of the recess to the centre of the bar.

measuring for mid rail

See? Measuring for your shutters really is simple. To recap, here are our three golden rules to remember:

tick icon Measure both diagonals of your recess and make sure the difference is less than 12mm, if you want to use recess fitting.

tick icon Always measure at the place you plan to fit your shutters.

tick icon And finally, measure in 3 places across the width and height and take the smallest measurement.

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